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Soap Lift Pad


This woven pad helps extend the lifespan of soap as its porous design allows the water to drain and airflow to circulate around and under your soap which helps your soap to fully dry between uses.

Perfect for the shower, kitchen, bath sinks and so much more. This versatile product can be easily cut to fit any soap dish or travel soap container or used as is.  

Less waste. Rinses easily. Dries quickly.

This durably constructed woven pad is made from recycled plastic and is BPA Free, non-toxic, odor resistant, anti-mildew, and colorfast.  This is versatile item and a great way to repurpose plastic that would have otherwise been sitting in a landfill. Forever

Care: Rinse periodically between uses. Can be easily washed in soap/water, rinsed, and air dried. 

Size:  4.5 x 3 x 0.4 inch

Eco:  Less waste, Reusable, BPA Free, Non-Toxic

Color:  Neutral/Cream

Qty: 1