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Herbal Bath Teas

Indulge in some you time with our special blend of Bath Teas.


Chamomile/Calendula - Lavender/Calendula - Eucalyptus/Orange Peel - Rose/Hibiscus
These make a great gift for anyone looking to relax and unwind and are easy to use. 
Each unique blend is specifically formulated with luxurious ingredients such as dried herbs, clays, salts, goats milk powder, colloidal oats, and much more.  Enjoy a spa like experience in the comfort of your home. 
Bath teas are offered in a 9oz jar, and a bath tea bag is provided. We recommend 3oz per soak. Place the tea contents into the tea bag and simply place in your bath water. It will infuse with your water as you soak. Ingredients not dissolvable will remain inside the bag. 
Our tea bags are 100% reusable and designed to retain the herbs that do not dissolve for easy clean-up after your bath. No dyes are added to our Bath Teas, so these will not stain your tub. All colors come from natural ingredients and botanicals.
Nature's Generosity Bath Tea
Nature's Generosity - Chamomile and Calendula (9.0 oz Bath Tea)
Nature's Generosity - Lavender and Calendula (9.0 oz Bath Tea)
Nature's Generosity - Rose and Hibiscus (9.0 oz Bath Tea)