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FAQ and Terms of Services


We utilize a Flat Rate price for all orders and offer free shipping over $75.  Orders are typically processed and shipped within 3-5 business days.



Currently, we are not providing product to wholesale accounts. We do offer package deals to Air BnB's in the WNC area. Our Mountain Soap is in blue/grey hues and is a nice welcome addition to our guests stay. Soap packages of 20 - email inquiry only.


Given the nature of our product, all soap sales are final. We do not expect returns for most cases. Should you have any problem with our soap or other items please reach out to us as soon as possible so that we may address and remedy any issues promptly. 

Disclaimer and TOS

Care / Shelf Life: We strive to deliver you a quality product. To maintain that integrity, we suggest that our soap be kept dry between uses to prolong the shelf life. Artisan Soap is made using a cold process method and without added chemicals often found in store bought soap. We offer several soap saver products for your convenience. If you have your method of staying dry, we suggest that it just not be on a metal surface. 

If you are storing for future use, please keep in a cool and dry area. The ingredients we use have a long shelf life; however, we recommend use within 12-18 months unless otherwise noted in the product description.

It is common for natural ingredient made soaps to have an ashy appearance to them. This is a natural and common occurrence in artisan soap made without chemical preservatives. The product is safe to use and will wash off with water. We include a moisture absorber packet in our packaging to help minimize moisture during shipping.

Allergies: We realize that our ingredients may not be suitable for everyone. Please read the ingredients for any soaps or other items that you are purchasing to ensure that you do not have any personal conflict or allergy. If you have any reactions, please discontinue use of our products. 

Goodness of Product: We strive to only procure the finest ingredients for our products. We use different suppliers for our many ingredients and thorough screening is done on our part to ensure the ingredients offered meet our quality standards. We strive to use and deliver a product that is:  Ecofriendly, Ethically Sourced, Sustainable, support small businesses, and use only pure or organic certified ingredients. On our part, we provide ecofriendly packaging.

Claims of Cosmetic or Health Benefits:  We make soap and therefore do not make any claims of cosmetic or health benefits.  We urge our customers to research each ingredient we use to better understand their properties. We offer a list of ingredients that we use on our website.




By placing an order with Nature's Generosity llc, it is understood that all customers have read and agree to the statements made above when they make a purchase.