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Gift Boxes


Crafted with expertise, our gift boxes are perfect for any special occasion. They are elegantly packaged and ready to be enjoyed. From loved ones to clients, these make that perfect gift you have been searching for.


Sedona 1800's for Men: Bar of Sedona 1800's soap for Men, Mesh Soap Saver, Beard Oil, Bandito Deodorant, Sea Salt Pumice Soap, Vista Shadows Shave Puck and Brush. 

Sedona 1800's for Women: Bar of Sedona 1900's soap for Women, Mesh Soap Saver, Facial Oil, Balanced Deodorant, Desert Flora Shave Puck and Brush.

Home Edition: Rice Water Shampoo and Rosemary Mint Conditioner, Home Edition Room and Linen Spray, Salted Scrub, Naturally Effective Dish Soap with Bamboo Scrub Pad, Sea Salt Soap.